Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Kenapa makanan macam ni takde jual kat restoran Mamak?

A post extract from Time And Time Again blog.
Oct 8, 2010.

Sometimes, as an educator, i do ask myself, would my teaching helps the future of my students? Have i done everything i could to provide them with enough knowledge? And above all, does my presence inspire their interest and passion in design, or even more, arts in general?

Then, I'd look back to my experience as a student, and based on that, i would say, there are several of my former lecturers especially from foundation years that really sparked my interest in arts. They gave good basic fundamental understanding of arts and design. Maybe, because they are who they are, real artist in real life making name through their artwork.

Back then, when we were studying every one of us either, we love Jailani Abu Hassan (simply known as Jai), or we hate him just because he's the one that got all the girls and not us. With his trendy fashion sense, Harley Davidson and Fiat Punto, we envyingly, wanted to become like him someday. But, its not just him, most of the other lecturers they also have their own characteristic that each of us could relate to and inspired to be in future, like Encik Karim - cool and bald with his yellow vespa; or Encik Yusof Ghani - religious but yet funny bearded gray hair guy; and even Suhaimi 'Taik Hidung'.

Question is could i be, inspirational, like any of them?

That's a tough one to answer actually. It takes me several minutes just to continue writing this, and the answer is, to be honest to myself, i dont think im there yet as same par as Jai.

Now here's another question: Which inspired me more, their personality or their teaching?

It's definitely their personality and characteristic. They make you believe in arts. They are the real thing. Living artist and living proof that arts make money as well like, business, engineering, law or any other courses. And yet, they are good teachers as well, giving you the freedom to explore with little guidance here and there. We had really crazy and fun time learning together, growing together with other talented friends, who are all as passionate as you.

Those were the good days, dont you think so?

I have another question: Which inspired you more, the lecturers or your friends?

By syahrulfikri Salleh. Lecturer Lim Kok Wing

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