Thursday, January 8, 2009


Theater is a tough medium. Its either great or bad. no in between. At least for me. its either u can watch it again and agaian or just one experience that u want to forget.
I didnt watch many theatre, but the one i like is the one that i can watch again and again, among others are a student theatre project with limited budget like Tinggi-Tinggi Si matahari, kalut and others. Berani Mati is one of them. I only watched it once but i know this is one of the play that i can watch again and agaian and found smoehting beuatiful, something nasty, something hillaroius with the sene.

Berani Mati is like a mix between Reservoir Dog and Paradise Now. Some violence and some tehcnical part (about army strategy and making bomb)all mix with a ridicoluosly funny line). Some cycinal but all end up with a great gag.
The story is simple, like all great play its a very straightforward one (And it sounds just like another play by Harold Pinter) About .-an army. an islamic milinat on the run after been chase by (hear this) A PBB army (lol, yes instead of American army or Zionist, the writer choose the enemy as PBB army) Then the stranded in a room while some of the smart guy start to deice making a bomb out of one of the army ie suicide bomber. And its not an easy task..since who suppose to do that job.

Its ironic that at the times with post September eleven shit, with the gaza attack and shit this kind of play been present to us. This is not just a question of bravery, this is not just the question of fanatic army. its not just a question are u ready to die for the glory of your religion..its also the question of ..... well which button should u push for the bomb to explde (lol) …And the most importantly its a question we been asked to ourselves before..
..what can we do to help the palestine? Nothing. And why? Despite the fact that we all anti with the zinosit, we’re all chant the allahuakbar (the first laugh the audience had) we are all afraid to die with the victimd of war.
The actors althought they dont really deliver the original acting (some using the same familliar tone u watch in local tv) but they all control the stage with fast move and loud dialogue.
Of course Berani Mati is not perfect. But im just too busy laughing i dont have time to notice all the weakness. But ..or maybe the st up behind the back of the stage is too crowded with old newspaper that i dont think its necessary.

So this year, in 2009 before u watch PGl, Dimana Setanggi, or even Cuci the Musical, Cicak Man the musical. or maybe Lost and Faund the musical, Jangan Pandang Belakang the musical and declare that that’s the best experience in a movie trhat u ever had, don’t forget little piece like Berani Mati to be among the most exciting offer u can get in local theatre. The director/ writer is definetly among young talent to be reckon with.


BiArkan Aku Ke LaUt said...

thanks en.saat coz support berani mati, ur advise give more spirit bout theatre 4 me..

Anonymous said...

berani mati memang berani

saat omar said...

good job Sham...harap2 apa yang korang dah achieve bole hmenjadi semangat dan peransang kepada junio2...kkeep up the good work :)

rasa macam nak tengok lagi je Berani Mati hehe...

Vitamin said...

terima kasih sebab datang. semua yang hadir adalah inspirasi saya untuk membuat lagi kerja teater.

Anonymous said...

ur writing was good..i really like it..thanks 4 coming n supporting us..

saat omar said...

Hi ISkandar...mane ade good, mencarut je banyak hehe...Good luck iskandar