Thursday, January 1, 2009

Assalamualaikum 2009.

Saat: Assalamualaikum 2009

2009: Waalaikumsalam Saat.

Saat: Eceh pandai menjawab pulak 2009 ni.

2009: Kau ingat 1403 je yang pandai menjawab ke? Aku pun boleh jawab salam ok hehe.
Saat: So sweet of u 2009. So hows it feel to be alive?

2009: I feel great Saat. Cant wait to perform trick and surprise to u all. I already set a good plan on all of ya. Just wait and see what in store for ya.

Saat: Cool glad u said that. Say what u think of 2008’s performance before?

2009: 2008 not bad. Not bad at all. Not bad number. Rest In Peace 2008cause it have trying its all best to be a great year. Some work, some don’t. But mostly it works. Its an exciting year over all….tho despite that fact that youre getting older Saat. But hey it just number right hehe. . I don’t think I can surpass 2008. it gave US their first Black President since Snoop Doggy Dogg. Hope Obama ready to fill Bush shoes. But of course not in the way that Iraqi guy throw that shoes haha…Silly jokes sorry. That comedy all the Wakil Rakyat perform in Parliament is brilliant too, I cant beat that. Now everybody have facebook. Wendys is opening in Giant Kota Damansara. That flea market in Amcorp Mall is gorgeous. And many more gee how can I beat all that? Or at least im trying doing it by hoping that less local artists are getting divorce in 2009. If I can achieve that, that is going to be my highest point haha. Just kidding.

Saat: 2008 left u with economy crisis. Worse than the depression in the 1930s they say. Are u ready to handle it?

2009: I don’t blame it on 2008. I just think its about time the economy will collapse. But believe me, the most important thing is for everrybpdy to be clam and get together. Life must goes on.
Saat: whats in it for me in 2009?

2009: Life is like a box of cekelat Saat. U never know what u gonna get. ..But if u buy a Cadbury, sure u gonna get a cardbury cekelat.

Saat: Wah Forrest Gump gitu!

2009 : Yeah that’s my fav movie too. But u know what Saat? I cant guanratee u anything on 2009. U decide whats best for u. U the one who make the move. Do painting more. Write more. Work harder. Be more productive. Don’t waste u time. Time is gold. Learn from your mistakes and never do the same mistakes twice. Always feels gratitude with your Qada and Qadar. Pray , pray and pray. If u don’t change yourself nobody will, U crazy fuck!

Saat: Hey easy with that F word.

2009: Hehe sorry about that. That’s another line from my fav movie, but just leave it to that ok. Remember Saat, u have no choice but to work hard. I guess now u can clearly see the road u taken. And just push yourself to the limit Saat. Hope 2009 will be a good year for u too.

Saat: That’s a good piece of advice 2009. I appreciate it.

2009: Remember Saat, Work hard, less play! I hope u will remember 2009 just like u remember 2008 well.

Saat: Ok I will Insyallah. Thank you thank you 2009.

2009: Good luck Saat. Hope u learn something from it.NOW GET BACK TO WORK U LAME ASS !!!!

Wow! This 2009 is very tough, I loike....


syahrulfikri said...

hahaha go go u fcuk, work harder !!!

all the best for 2009!!!

saat omar said...

Thank you Syahrul...hope is bad, work harder eh?

ALOY said...

dasat lu,, leh borak dgn 2009,, terar la hang.

saat omar said...

haha Aloy..happy nu year beb.

idmalina mohamad ideris said...

hahahha....bila baca blog cik saat pastinya tidak mengecewakan...mmg terer dpt sembang dgn 2009...huh...

wish u and family best of luck in this new year yea....

Fiona Kab said...

Hahahha! En. Saad!

Wan Nor Azriq said...

Selamat tahun baru abang saat.

Terima kasih atas pendapat dan idea yang dikongsi bersama sepanjang tahun 2008.Semuanya sangat dihargai oleh saya.

IRA said...

nak kenal dgn 2009 tu boleh? ada no tepon? nak sembang2 camni jugak. huhuhuhu