Sunday, August 15, 2010

Now Get Your Shinebox! ( The one with AKAB's comment )

Masih lagi tentang mafia.

Italian mafia maksudku. Kita tinggalkan dulu Russian mafia or Indian mafia or Gagak Hitam whatever.

Tahun ini 20th Anniversary Goodfellas.

As far as I could remember, Good fellas is probably the first mafia movie I watch on VHS. Dan untuk lagi fakta yang memalukan inilah filem pertama martin yang aku tengok. I know the reputation but I dont know whats the fuss, really.

Its early 1990s dan aku telah menonton Home Alone 2 kali di panggung wayang.

Dan bila tahu Joe Pesci, the same wacky thief from Home Alone starring and won Supporting Actor in the movie acting as mafia, ganster, wise guy as u called it;it gaves me giggle.
That Joe Pesci? How could he be violence? hes funny man. I said to myself.
That guy as mob? Its like Tompel as samseng in Malay movie. They will failed in their 'make belive' approach. but of course I havent watched Raging Bull yet.

And boy how I was wrong. How i was fucking wrong.

And the rest is history.

Few facts about The movie and Henry Hill.

-Robert De Niro keeping calling Henry Hill asking him how james would hold his cup and simple things we would ignore but not the respected actor. Forever method man eh?

-He Tommy and Jimmy as psycopath murderer.

- menurut Henry Hill lagi, Goodfellas is 95% accurate . Scary shit huh?

-Means the get your shinebox scene is real.

-And also the "Im funny like what? like clown? I amuse you? Im here to fuckin amuse you?" is real too.Funny shit huh?

Ok now Henry stop fucking talking to press and sell your panting in ebay will ya. Go and do the audio commentary DVD for god sake! Whats the point of celebrate 20th Anniversay without a good audo commentary.


AKAB said...


MOLOKO said...

Joe Pesci in Goodfellas- unpredictable psycopath jerk! He did it elegantly violent & dark humour! You think it's funny haaa...?

saat omar said...

pERGH!! AKAB komen BLog gua beb! . Im happy man....wooo hoooo hahah a fiction characther, he is funny lol

syahrulfikri said...

haha gila AKAB comment ko punya blog... !!

MOLOKO said...

Yup dia memang lawak nak mampusss!!! Home Alone tuh watchable sebab Joe Pesci- bukan sibudak rambut blonde tuh ;)