Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Oasis berpecah?. Please don’t put your life in a hand of a rock n roll band they said.When they have to go they have to go.

Di Amazon.com mereka membicarakan antara Blur vs Oasis.

Aku reply, Damon is genius kataku. But of course we cant deny Noel ability to create momentum rock music. Their The Beatles that never were. Rocking hard and full of arrogant and beatuful. yes Liam is more good looking with that haircut than Ringo.
Oasis vs Blur? When I wanna feel rock, I’ll go to the Manchester boys.

In 90s Oasis was never my fav group. I adore the music, I can sing thorugh all Wonderwall or Dont Look Back in Anger but at that times I prefer low back attitude. Oasis was too arrogant for me. How I was wrong. Theres only 2 people in this world, my friend. A rock star and a normal people like u and me. They are the rock star Liam and Noel and they deserved to act like bastards they were.

When ask what the song of the decade, while everybosy else prefer Smells Like Teen Spirit or NIN’s Closer, Noel said Live Forever: Cause in early 90s with grunge everybody busy being death or suicidal, theyre the one with positve vibe singing I want to live forever! Noel maybe an arsehole but that dude was right. Fan of Chairil Anwar would be agree. After all youre my wonderwall.
Oasis brilliant in music only consist of two album, their early album, Definetely Maybe (one of the best debut of all time by Brits album) and (Whats Story) Morning Glory. And that’s it. The follow up albums such as Be Here Now, Standing Behind A Shoulder of A giant, Heathen Chemsitry and Dig Your Soul Out the new one is a flop. While not a bad record its not really up to their stand as saviour of British rock music. Its all in the 90s. While other than that Oasis continue to gain by scandal drugs dan fist fighthing.
But before that the ymade a great power pop album.
Definetely Maybe shock Biriths music at the rigfht itme when they need their own hero after US took the storm with Grunge.Then came Blur and others Brit Pop heroes. Its about time they said for the music by Biriths band dominate the world again. And 20 years later, being the band that most appear in Q’s front page cover, Oasis living their legacy by just the 2 early albums they make. But people love it. Theres something about this band that makes people want to cherish. Not just image of a truly bad English boy thay beyond The beatles, Mick Jagger or Keith Richard or even Page and Plant or others or Ozzy Osbourne or even from the punk (cause theyre the rudest)But a hope. A hope to make another good great English rock album. But of course it only can happens with bands like Radiohead, Coldplay and Arctic Monkeys)
Theres no way Oasis can be a bigger band in us just by a good rock song. What they show them , and even now I agree) that oasis strength is thery style whren they perform live. Almost minimal, just Liam playing tough guy before the audience. I hate that pose before, now I consider that as gem and brillliant! That’s how rock in the 90s can differentiate from the 60s and 70s. Or in another words that’s how British rock act can be diiferentiante from Mick jagger or Freddy Mercury to those like the new act. Theres no other way than to be great other than looks more cooler.

Tonight im going to listen to Whats the Story Morning Glory faster than the cannonball, again, cause its another Sunday afternoon and I’m walking to the sound of my favourite tune and wonder where were you (my long lost youth memory) while we were getting high.


syahrulfikri said...

aku rasa i was more into blur while growing up, sappy melodramatic tapi aku rasa ko yg intorduce to me oasis maybe few years back and its just the right time for me to listen to oasis... i need a boost in life, and they gave me that streght to live and do the best in life!!

"You and i gonna live forever...
we're gonna live forever......
gonnna live forever...
live foreverr...

bukan ke berhantu suara si noel tergiang-giang dlm telinga...? even the live performance has its own ganas feel walaupon bersahaja dan cam tak peduli langsung audience.. i was really amazed.. its so hooligan and its so Brit rock..

wey, buka posa dgn aku malam ni jom?

fadz said...

Salam hari raya bro! Dua2 aku suka, Blur dan Oasis.

fadz said...

tapi aku lagi suka: radiohead

saat omar said...

Ajin, ekau nak buka mane? aku pi check Thai base sellau penuh ...

Ada idea? mata aku masih merah dan sakit...

Fadz...wow! radiohead eh?good choice. your taste on music is less I know that your taste in books and films lol

Christina said...

what about me? me? me? what kind of music i listen to while growing up? am i still growing up? I wanna be abit taller. LOL

saat omar said...

Chritsdina where u been?

MOLOKO said...

I'm not a Fan Of Oasis & I'll will never want to come closed of being one.

Apart from that 'What's The Story? Morning Glory', is a definite KILLER album & it sure made BLUR sank at one time. I think it happened during when this arrogant bunch of Brit's were living at their top form!

They Finally come to an END!

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