Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Kamal Sabran's Space Gambus Experiment: Between Human Rights movement and Sound from Outerspace.

It always interesting to follow kamal’s progress as an artist, as a musician.
Cause I was there to see he develop from a grunge kid to a devoted ambience minimalist. I was there with Kamal. Sitting at class of 1995 and we talk about music, mostly about Kurt Cobain and Grunge and all. Then 10 years later when I met him back, he already leave the raw sounds of Gurnge and try new different style of music.yes like Robert Zimmerman said "those who not busy being born are busy dying" means we must move. And kamal has progess alot asince that summer of 1995.

Theres is nothing kamal wont try to experiment. video experimental, sound experimental, poligamy, mud wrestling, psychoanalysis, Primal scream, Yoko Ono Minimalist style, suicide bomb and food not bomb. And yes Rahmat Haroun the hippies poet is his friend....long before he get tatooed !
And the latest result is here..he called it as experimental electro acoustic soundscape. And the name of the band is Space Gambus Experiment.

Space Gambus Experiment's are:
Zulkifli Ramli - Gambus/Oud
Kamal Sabran - Electroacoustic

Heres are tracks list;
1)Pengembara Cahaya
2)Dari Dalam Kalbu
3)7 Ruang Kosong
5)Sonik al-Kosmik
7)Pulang Kakanda Bulan

This is no ordinary music.The sound is taken from orbit. Yes u read me right. + the track contains real signals from outer space (Jupiter's radio wave)captured by the artist with tremendous helps by a group of scientist in National Space Agency Malaysia.

Kamal always have interested with cosmic idea and Einsten relativity. For him science and art is one thing while sex and pornography is another thing. a silence is not a silence. Theres always music in between. And in this case, it could comes from outer space. And when a signal is blend with music, heres what you got. With influence from Portishead, Bjork, Radiohead’s Kid A, Sigur Ros and even Lori Anderson, Space gambus Experiment brought another new dimension to its kind of music.
So its not too much if to say that this music collaboration he produce is like science meets traditional. Or science meets the ..gambus. As I said, this is no ordinary music. So when u listen to this music and u caught a glimpse of an alien voice trying to contact us, that’s not accident. it could happening. And this is not science fiction, the music is real.
Of course Kamal is no Jean Michel Jarre or even say Vangelis. But his one of few local artist that are not afraid to expermient with things and hes eager for your opinion. Kamal is like a tiger in a cage waiting to leap onto you. Or in this case..hes like the orbit sound from space that waiting to be heard (pergh! Gila ah ayat aku untuk ko ni Kamal)
Listen it with open heart. feels the ambience surrounding u. feels the enigma of unending space. A space that is lighter than a light and space that revolve around us. The Quantum leap of metaphysical that opens the mystery of human kind....
A good listen either u BN member or PKR member or Komunist or Socialist or Capitalist. (finally)

This music sounds good when u doing your charity with Human Right movement or giving soup to homeless person on a Sunday Morning.

If u want to listen to the songs, clik to Kamal Sabran’s blog. The link? Oh he’ll be the first one to comment here. Clik to his blog. Its free.


~!D@~@NG@~ said...

Saat, kamal sabran ni femes kat msia ke kat blog saat je? *sheepish grins* (jgn mare ye cik kamal. me gurau je)

saat omar said...

Ida..Kamal ni famous kat Ipoh je...:)

kamal sabran said...

kah kah saat! aku famous di hati mu saja :)

anyway, saat thanks for your support. nanti aku belanja ko mee hailam :)

nanti aku ke KL aku kasi ko CD!

al peace

saat omar said...

Mee Hailam je? wa nak Mee Rebus ok!

~!D@~@NG@~ said...

Oh, kat ipoh jek. Hehe. Semoga akan berkembang ke seluruh Malaysia kemudian ke seluruh dunia. :D (Me belum ada masa nak usha link dgr lagu dia.)

artdeep said...

cool la music!da degar kat reverbnation.. hope dapat keep in tch yer abang :D

salam hormat,