Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Pick one from three.

Someone powerful and famous once said ; "With great power comes great responsibility"

Then Kevin Smith copying it and give a new style. he said "With no power comes no responsibility" in Clerk 2.

Some from spoof movie industry change it to more depth meaning " With great power comes hot chicks"

Pick one of the three. Your shot.

I'll pick the original. The one where words from our feveret hero.The one probably Cicak Men rip off. A New Yorker. A a simple guy who loves MJ. Our famous Parker. The one who jump between buildings before the 9/11 tragedy but too cartoonish too fictional to save the day. And this is not just a comic mantra. it has become one of my favourite choice of words these years. Yes ladies and gentleman, We all have power and we all have a responsibility. Not just Karpal Singh ok....we all have power remember that.

Ketika aku kecik, ketika aku bersalam dengan tok guru aku di pagi raya dia bercakap sambil merenung tepat kemuka ku."hah! yang ni tanggungjawabnya besar ni" Aku......tak faham.....apa maksudnya ketika itu. Sumpah aku tak paham. And now, as im getting older, aku mulai faham dan mengakui segala apa yang dikatakan itu semua betul belaka.

Second thing is, dibahu aku ada satu tahi lalat yang lebih besar dari peta negara China. Kata orang, itu tanda aku akan memikul beban yang amat besar hehe. What? what beban? Besar mana beban i have no idea. Im not Prime Minister.Im just a boy who likes to watch DVD and go to Amcorp Mall on Sunday morning. What do i know about beban. What beban besar? Sometimes i magine maybe i play a bigger part dalam menentukan masa depan negara...But in an oods way. Alien try to shoot Anwar Ibrahim and i'll be the victim instead or something like that...Just like the old man in Independence Day movie. Heh. We'll see how big the beban im holding.or maybe it just a huge bodymarks.

Now theres three major people in the house. Im my life in the family. Me, me mom, me wife and me little Boy. Me mom take care of the little kid when me and me wife at office. Me wife breast feed the little kid and cook for me and me mom. And me, i take care of me mom and me wife and me kid. While the little kid...he jsut there make us comfortable and feeling responsibility.

All three of us are getting old each days. We all might get sick one day. Only one we hope will survive in this chaotic world. The little kid do gives us something like Angelina Jolies last word in Changeling: Hope.

Now, if i can pick a sentence to describe what life is all about is.....right now, for me, Life is all about caring and take care the one u love. Cliche? not to that Himmler.

Now i should think where should i go to watch the Oscar this 23rd Feb?


kamal sabran said...

yo bro, ape kate ko compile kan suma tulisan dalam blog ko ni ko publish "blook", bole aku tumpang sekaki buat covernye. yehaaaaa

ko memang talented bro :)

kekure said...

oh gi amcorp hari ahad keh?siap ada jadual haha

saat omar said...

Kamal...aku rasa semua yang tulis blog patut compile semua writing mereka dan produce sendiri that book for sale..walaupun boleh baca dgn free hehe

Kekure...yeah Amcorp mall on Sunday is my type of place hehe...I was John Malkovich in Yasmin Ahmad blog, remember me?

kekure said...

Hey John Malkovich!of course I remember!Your child is cute,pinjam boleh?hehehe
Dickens lame but Wilde rules

saat omar said...

nak pinjam child? lol boleh...jgn lupa pulang balik dah ler...

hey Dicken rocks ok hehe