Wednesday, October 8, 2008


And in the end it's not the years in your life that count. It is the life in your years.
Abraham Lincoln

since this blog is for friends..its about time for me to dedicated this post to Ajin ...or Syahrulfikri...

Cause tanpa Ajin, i wont write a blog.hes the one who push me to have my own blog.

As i mention earlier..people that influence me in life is divided into several is mainly from my childhood experience such as my brother in law, Pak Nun and Azlan my 2 years older...and then.....Ajin from my post graduate years as the people who influence me. And i dont think i can name others who influenced more than Ajin did.

I dont remember when i first met Ajin. dont remember first time i talk with him. we already get along. We first contribute idea to the first Right brain society oscar award back in 1995. That was a long time ago but for some people, the succes of the show still rely on us and our crazy idea ..ehek.

Ajin is a gifted in drawing. hes the best on his batch. which means he draw better than everybody. Like a good artist hes a good observer too. Now he enjoys his LOMO and one of the most active lomographer in town.

Ajin is fun guy to be with. The way he tell his jokes always makes me wanna rolling through the floor. So when with Ajin, mostly i just let him speak while im just listening to his story..the jokes and the story always worth listening.
he always ahead of me in almost technology, in politics, common knowledge, pop culture. He's the one who impress me with the shocking news. he introduce me to Run Lola Run. he bought Harry Potter more than i realise that i should have the same book just as for collectors item. he discover and enjoy the nuisance of blog than introduce it to me. he have his facebook while im still at Myspace. he is one of my hypothesis that KL kid always more advance (and more experience )in knowledge than out of town boy like me.

I spend some of good time with Ajin. Le Grand Voyage, his favourite movie, he watched it with me. And im glad i saw his face when he so impressed with that movie. One of the best new year I ever had, I spend it with him and others at Cherating. And of all my friends at RBS, hes the one who showed up at my wedding. (he and Fifi thank you)

Ajin believe in friendship. Without him RBS wont move. without him there'll be no trip. No langkawi. No cherating no Haadyai and without him Abang Jone will be alone on New years eve 2005 (i hope the fact right) without him the RBS wont unite under facebook.... when i lost my faith with RBS, Ajin still believe in it.

Ajin never afraid to voice out his opinion. A skill that makes him a pain in the ass sometimes. But its ok cause when he give his compliment to you....its like the best appreciation u'll ever get.
But all in all we can get together well because we share same silly jokes and we are not an Anwar Ibrahim fanatic like the rest of you haha...


colourful chicken a.k.a situmas a.k.a dauz said...

tiba-tiba teringat ada sorang penyanyi namanya Ajin. dia ni menetap kat company yang buat majalah Ujang.

syahrulfikri said...

i read twice, both times smile in tears :)

tq, that was very sweet of you, im flattered sehinga tak terkata. and yes, in deed we had great times even not doing anything :)

coffeeHolic said...

whoa. :)