Monday, July 8, 2013


Its normal to hate your boss. And for yer boss to hate you back? its more than normal, its an essential. its  mutual feelings. People will always talk shit behind each other's back. and that doesnt mean they hate you. Its just....their nature to talk shit about people.

But i never hate my boss. A boss is a boos. A boss is not your friend, not yer lover either. People who expect their boss to be kind is barking at the wrong tree. barking- at the wrong tree. well thats the whole idea-to be a dog. to be threat like a dog.

I never hate my boss. On Friday night my boss did something i never forget. He touch my bahu and ask me how i was doing.ti was first time he did something like that. I was touch.And just with that, i consider him as cool guy.

I never hate my boss...and if I do....Its normal to hate your boss. Just dont puch him/her on the face.




Bila dah jadi bosss... jadilah the coolest bossss... anyway camne saye nak beli buku2 tulisan kamu tuh bossss?

saat omar said...

bagi address nanti i post kat