Sunday, June 21, 2009

Filem Ayah-Anak Kegemaran (sempena hari Bapa Sedunia)

Sempena hari bapa sedunia, aku turunkan 10 filem kegemaran tentang hubungan ayah dan anak...Maaf kalau ada antara filem terbaik tentang subjek berikut yang aku tertinggal. Senarai ini dibuat sekilas pandang sepantas lalu.
10) FINDING NEMO- subject like this should be included byany Disney or Pixar movie. I pick this one just for the short term memory lost fish. Hillarious.

9)FATHER AND SON- Aleksandr Sokurov’s. father and Son Russian style . If u like this movie wathc his other movie on related subject …title Mother and Son. Im not kidding.
8) RAISING ARIZONA- Tho its not Nic cage real son.

7) KRAMER VS KRAMER – Streep and that jew guy, how can u resist it.

6) PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS- Sleeping in the toilet is what makes this movie got into this list.

5)BASIKAL THIEF - Scorsece cried watching this movie. Kawan aku pula nangis bila Italy kalah bola dengan Egypt.

4) AFTER THIS OUR EXILE – Not just because it’s a Hong Kong movies that shot locally, but its one of heartbreaking father and son story in a coming of age story.

3) THE ROAD -even tho I haven’t watch the movie, but I have read the book. Just for the first page actually haha. But father and son in apocalypse world sounds like a cool movie to me.

2) ANAK BAPAK- How can I ignore this movie. P Ramle have a hands at every genre that have…(yes thats even Sci Fi and horror)... . a classic example of a thought they dont make movie like that anymore. Brillaint performance by Tompel too.

1)EMPIRE STRIKES BACK- Star wars is many things…it could be a story between Master and their servant (Solo and Chewie) Human and robot, and effect and sound and many many more. (dammit that Jewish is genius eh?) But for some I always remember Empire Strikes Back as father and son relationship movie with this dialogue (oh u know which scene are this) ...
“Obi Wan never told u what happen to your father”
“He told me enough. U killed him”
“No. I am your father”
Luke Scream “No!!”
“Search your feeling Luke, u know its true. Come join me. We could combine our strengh. Together we can rule the universe like father and son”…….
.....I repeat "Together we can rule this universe like father and son” that’s the best and the most ambitious mantra for a father and son relationship one could think of. Instead of together we can control this town or this country or Malaysia or even earth, they go for Universive, thats a huge leap for a realtionship and conquer. father and son..theres nobosy else, only just the two of us..father and son. Not even mother. Just fathers and son.
maybe someday I'll said it to my son.....but first I have to be in dark side first heh just kiddio.
happy fathers day!


aloy_paradoks said...

satu lagi beautiful life.. ayah die ajar anak die mencuri..

saat omar said...

oh yes Beautiful Life...lupa nak add yg tu. ty Aloy

IRA said...

slamat ari bapak kepada saat. moga jadi bapak yg best kepada naufal... :)

saat omar said...

ty Ira..kasilah aku tgk blog yg lagi satu tu kah kah (walaupun tahu kau tak bagi punya kan?)

Vitamin said...

alamak... saya cuma tgk 2 je dari senarai.. finding nemo and pursuit of happyness. tunggu saya jadi bapak la baru leh tgk semua filem en saat. haha

saat omar said...

Syali..cakap kau tu macam dah nak kawin je... hehe

DERIA said...

maaf lupa ucap..sibuk terbang.

Selamat Hari Bapa & Kebapaan

saat omar said...

Selamat hari ayah...kau terbang kemana Deria?

syahrulfikri said...

beb, ko lupa Le Grand Vovage... aku rasa itu lagi dasat relationship between father and son :)

saat omar said...

Muahaha Ajin..Le Grand Voyage tu aku sengaja save untuk kau...for your own list.
But yeah..filem itu mmg harus masuk carta the best father and son movie

Judge said...

kalau John Q tu leh masuk dlm carta tak?? heheheh.. ecehhh.. tengok pun belum lagi citer tu..

saat omar said...

yes Jaja...John Q pun patut masuk...lupa plak Denzel tu hehe